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June 17th, 2010


More Pictures from our Recording Session!

March 21st, 2010
Eileen laying it down in the Bettison.
Eileen laying it down in the Bettison.
Ths piano at Clinton studio is pretty amazing.  (And has an amazing past!)  Jim was a little in love.
The piano at Clinton studio is pretty amazing.  (And has an amazing past!)  Jim was a little in love.
Sightlines matter.
Sightlines matter.
Yuri in her isolation booth
Yuri in her isolation booth
Even our breaks are serious business.
Even our breaks are serious.

Yuri wailing on junk metal with hammers.  Thank you Oscar.

Hammer hits metal, makes music. Very loud music.

Electric Cello!

Electric Cello!

The secret to his powers.

The secret to his powers.

Pictures from our Recording Session

March 12th, 2010

Jim doing his best Rick Wakeman

Jim doing his best Rick Wakeman, recording Caleb’s Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI.

David and Melly in their private little rooms.

David and Melly in their isolation booths.

Brian and Taylor.  (Taylor's massive Marshall 4x12 was in the next room, at full volume.)

Brian and Taylor.  (Taylor’s thunderous Marshall 4×12 was in then next room, at full volume.)

Eileen recording "sweet light crude"

Eileen recording David’s sweet light crude.


David’s drums, awaiting the beating they received in Pat Muchmore’s Brennschluß.

Corey Dargel, Telling Secrets

January 19th, 2010


In a recent interview with My Big Gay Ears, composer/performer Corey Dargel mentions for the first time publicly a new large scale project we’re working on with him, novelist Andrew Sean Greer, and stage director Emma Griffin.

“I’m not yet allowed to say what it’s based on,” he says “but religious delusion and schizophrenia play significant roles.”  Can’t wait!

Read the full interview here, and stay tuned for more information on this exciting new project.


October 17th, 2009

We’re very excited to report that the Jerome Composers Commissioning Program has just awarded a grant to Darcy James Argue to write a new large-scale work for us for next season.  It’s to be called The Sleep Room and will be about the very creepy, CIA-funded MK-ULTRA experiments that took place at McGill University in the 1960s.  We’re planning to premiere it in early 2011, and are very excited about the whole project!


For those who don’t know Darcy’s work, definitely check out his recent, much-lauded record on New Amsterdam.

be less stupid

August 17th, 2009

Newspeak received a nice mention from Seth Colter Walls over at The Awl, where he gives an interesting account of our Wordless Music show, as well as thoughts on PR and “the scene.” The Awl’s motto is “be less stupid,” and SCW has definitely been doing his part to help make that happen. Worth a read.

(Note: it was Seth who conducted the locally controversial John Adams interview for Newsweek, prompting some responses around the blogosphere.)

Summer News

August 17th, 2009

Lots of Newspeak people in the news this summer! Here’s the roundup:

Most recently, our singer Mellissa Hughes was profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered for her role in Jacob Cooper’s mesmerizing opera TimberBrit. (Ted Hearne–who has written us a piece, and is about to write us another one–was also interviewed.) Read/listen here.

Our amazing percussionist Yuri Yamashita–“who sings bossa nova on the side”–recently took part in the Bang on a Can-organized Asphalt Orchestra, which got rave reviews all around. Yuri received specific mention in the NYTimes review, New York Magazine, and in Playbill.

A month ago, our drummer/composer/director David T. Little was profiled in the New Jersey Star Ledger. Also taking part in the interview was co-director/rockstar Eileen Mack. Give it a read.

Last but not least, about a month and a half ago or so, violinist/singer/composer Caleb Burhans, was awarded a huge and awesome grant from the Annenberg Foundation. More on that here.

Hell yes.

Video from Wordless Music

June 18th, 2009

Just came across this video on YouTube from our Wordless Music show. The piece is Massey’s Hit US from The New Austerity.

Many thanks to Ephman for vlogging it.

Photos from Wordless Music

June 15th, 2009

Prefixmag has some photos up from our recent wordless music show with The Fiery Furnaces.  For example:

And click here for more incriminating evidence!

(Photos by Emliy Tan from

Newspeak on Brooklyn Vegan

June 15th, 2009

Brooklyn Vegan has a nice blurb/review from our performance at the “Bang on a Can’t Afford the Other Benefit,” along with some great photos (like this one).  Check them out here.

(Photos by Andrew Frisicano from