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All works commissioned by Newspeak unless otherwise indicated.


David T. Little – Electric Proletariat


Missy Mazzoli – In Spite of All This
Toby Driver – Subject Can’t Wake Up On Film
Oscar Bettison – B & E (with aggravated assault)


John Supko – Songs of a Landloper
Samson Young – Efflorescentric Aftermath
David T. Little – sweet light crude
Stefan Weisman – I Would Prefer Not To
Scott Smallwood – given to earth in dark blood
Caleb Burhans – By Way of Force
Judd Greenstein – What They Don’t Like (for Chuck D)


Ted Hearne – My Catalonia
Michael Early – Flood
Anne Hege – Incantation for the King of Soul
Sarah Kirkland Snider – This Is What You’re Like
Andrea Mazzariello – The New Austerity
Mark Dancigers – American Sky
Paul Lansky – Minor Alterations
David T. Little – Tricky Bits (second evolution)
Sean Griffin – Buffalo ’70 *


Dmitri Tymoczko – Let the Bodies Hit The Floor
Caleb Burhans – Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI
Pat Muchmore – Brennschluß
Robert Davidson – Generation After Generation
Kate Soper/Bakar Wilson – morning branch**
Jennifer Griffith/Douglas A. Martin – In E**
David First/Ansellm Berrigan – Let Us Sample Protection Together **
Sima Wolf/Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai – The Key**
Sima Wolf/Regie Cabico – What Remains**
Jed Distler/Cheryl Burke – The First Two**
William Brittelle – Pegasus in Alcatraz
Matthew Friedberger – Cold Storage Pleads Its Case


Ryan Brown – WAR HORSE
Matt Marks – A Portrait of Glenn Beck
Lisa Coons – Accessorizing the Soft Machine
Sean Friar – Fighting Words
Jascha Narveson – Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?
Seth Cluett – the withdrawal of the body
Lainie Fefferman – And Their Bloodguilt Shall Be Upon Them (from Here I Am)


Darcy James Argue –  The Sleep Room, Part I
Corey Dargel – Selections from The Three Christs (workshop)


Eve Beglarian – The Sirens, or Pleasure^
Lainie Fefferman – Here I Am
Quinn Collins – Solidarity (Fan The Flames of Discontent)
Ruby Fulton – The End


David T. Little – Dog Days (full opera) #
Corey Dargel – Last Words from Texas
Randy Woolf – Blind Pig
Ruby Fulton – The Way Of The Mob^^

2013 and beyond

Corey Dargel –  Three Christs (opera)


Other music we play:

Louis Andriessen – Workers Union
Stefan Weisman – From Frankenstein
Hanns Eisler – Songs
David Lang – how to pray
David Lang – the national anthems
David Lang – ark luggage
David T. Little – Soldier Songs
David T. Little – Songs of Love, Death, Friends, and Government
Keeril Makan – Target
Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together
Frederic Rzewski – Attica
Frederic Rzewski – To The Earth
Frederic Rzewski – The Price of Oil, Part II (US premiere)
Eve Beglarian – Until It Blazes
Eve Beglarian – It Happens Like This^
Eve Beglarian – Brownie Feet^
Eve Beglarian – The Flood^
Eve Beglarian – Night Psalm^
Eve Beglarian – I Am Really A Very Simple Person^
Eve Beglarian – The Sirens, or Pleasure^
Eve Beglarian – In and Out of the Game^
Eve Beglarian – Did He Promise You Tomorrow?^
Eve Beglarian – Waiting for Billy Floyd^ (NYC Premiere)
Eve Beglarian – Early In The Morning^
Wolf Edwards – My Lai 1968 (US premiere)
Roshanne Etezady – Unsafe (at any speed)
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Tim Brady – Symphony No. 3 ‘Atacama’

* commissioned by the MATA Festival, and premiered with members of Either/Or
** commissioned by the Composers Collaborative Non Sequitur project.
^ presented as part of the Eve Beglarian RiverProject, with special guests
# Commissioned by Peak Performances at Montclair
^^ Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation