Press Photos

Newspeak (L-R): Eileen Mack, Taylor Levine, James Johnston, Brian Snow, David T. Little, Peter Wise, Caleb Burhans, Mellissa Hughes; not pictured, Owen Weaver; photo Stephen Taylor
Newspeak (L-R): David T. Little, Caleb Burhans, Brian Snow, Eileen Mack, Taylor Levine, James Johnston, Mellissa Hughes, Peter Wise; not pictured, Owen Weaver; photo Stephen Taylor
Newspeak performs live at the Bang on a Can Marathon. Pictured L-R Caleb Burhans, Eileen Mack, Mellissa Hughes, David T. Little, Brian Snow, Taylor Levine; photo Judah Adashi

“a potent, composer-led band”
—Alex Ross

“…Newspeak pretty much rules. Driving rhythms, sophisticated compositions by cutting-edge composers, virtuosic playing on electrified instruments — there’s little not to like about the New York-based ensemble…”The Washington Post

—Time Out New York

“Innovative” and “always-exciting”
—New York Magazine

“…so innovative and yet so intuitive. Newspeak are really onto something.”

“…the kind of playing which was so concentrated and focused that it could melt through steel.”

“…tight, loud, and exhilarating…”
—Daniel Stephen Johnson

“you could call this punk classical. Fearlessly aware, insightfully political, resolutely deant… Sometimes raw and starkly intense, other times lushly atmospheric…[a] new music supergroup”
—Lucid Culture

“a formidable octet, not afraid to explore the possibilities and push past the boundaries of the zeitgeist’s brave new sonic world. [Newspeak] performs music by composers who think freely about the intersection of music and politics, and challenge preconceived notions of aesthetic boundaries. It’s a tough proposition to unselfconsciously combine musical styles as seemingly disparate as contemporary classical music, progressive rock, heavy metal, and electronica, but on sweet light crude Newspeak makes it sound eortless and completely devoid of the awkwardness one hears much too often in attempts at cross-genre pollination.”

“sweet light crude is a provocative recording that’s also fun and satisfying to listen to, and it may be as seminal for the next generation of composers as Icebreaker’s debut CD was for this one.”
—The Big City