how to pray

David T. Little – Last Nightfall
Scott Smallwood – given to earth in dark blood
Missy Mazzoli – In Spite of All This
David Lang – how to pray
Annie Gosfield – Phantom Shakedown
Corey Dargel – Last Words from Texas
Ruby Fulton – The End

in the indifferent brutality

David T. Little – Electric Proletariat
Annie Gosfield – Phantom Shakedown
Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together / Attica

sweet light crude

Oscar Bettison – B & E (with aggravated assault)
David T. Little – sweet light crude
Missy Mazzoli – In Spite of All This
Stefan Weisman  – I would prefer not to
Caleb Burhans – Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI
Pat Muchmore – Brennschluß
Frederic Rzewski – Coming Together
Ruby Fulton – The End

indie mix

David T. Little – sweet light crude
Caleb Burhans – Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI
Missy Mazzoli – In Spite of All This
Annie Gosfield – Phantom Shakedown
Stefan Weisman – I would prefer not to
Matt Marks – A Portrait of Glenn Beck
Eve Beglarian – The Busdriver Didn’t Change His Mind

each program features approximately 60 minutes of music.



Andriessen, LouisWorkers Union
Argue, Darcy JamesThe Sleep Room, Part I (wp)
Beglarian, EveUntil It Blazes
It Happens Like This^
Brownie Feet^
The Flood^
Night Psalm^
I Am Really A Very Simple Person^
The Sirens, or Pleasure^
In and Out of the Game^
Did He Promise You Tomorrow?^
Waiting for Billy Floyd^ (NYC Premiere)
Early In The Morning^ (wp)
Bettison, OscarB & E (with aggravated assault) (wp)
Black SabbathWar Pigs
Brady, TimSymphony No. 3 ‘Atacama’ (US premiere)
Brittelle, WilliamPegasus in Alcatraz (wp)
Brown, RyanWAR HORSE (wp)
Burhans, CalebBy Way of Force (wp)
Requiem for a General Motors in Janesville, WI (wp)
Cluett, Seththe withdrawal of the body (wp)
Collins, QuinnSolidarity (Fan The Flames of Discontent) (wp)
Coons, LisaAccessorizing the Soft Machine (wp)
Dancigers, MarkAmerican Sky (wp)
Dargel, CoreySelections from The Three Christs (wp)
Last Words from Texas (wp version)
Davidson, RobertGeneration After Generation (wp)
Distler, JedThe First Two** (wp)
Driver, TobySubject Can’t Wake Up On Film (wp)
Early, MichaelFlood (wp)
Edwards, WolfMy Lai 1968 (US premiere)
Eisler, HannsSelected Songs
Etezady, RoshanneUnsafe (at any speed)
Fefferman, LainieHere I Am (wp)
First, DavidLet Us Sample Protection Together ** (wp)
Friar, SeanFighting Words (wp)
Friedberger, MatthewCold Storage Pleads Its Case (wp)
Fulton, RubyThe End
The Way Of The Mob^^ (wp)
Greenstein, JuddWhat They Don’t Like (for Chuck D) (wp)
Griffin, SeanBuffalo ’70 * (wp)
Griffith, JenniferIn E** (wp)
Hearne, TedMy Catalonia (wp)
Hege, AnneIncantation for the King of Soul (wp)
Lang, Davidhow to pray
the national anthems
ark luggage
Lansky, PaulMinor Alterations (wp)
Little, David T.Dog Days (full opera) # (wp)
Electric Proletariat (wp)
Soldier Songs (European Premiere)
Songs of Love, Death, Friends, and Government
sweet light crude (wp)
Tricky Bits (second evolution) (wp)
Makan, KeerilTarget
Marks, MattA Portrait of Glenn Beck (wp)
Mazzariello, AndreaThe New Austerity (wp)
Mazzoli, MissyIn Spite of All This (wp)
Muchmore, PatBrennschluß (wp)
Narveson, JaschaBrother, Can You Spare A Dime? (wp)
Rzewski, FredericAttica
Coming Together
To The Earth
The Price of Oil, Part II (US premiere)
Smallwood, Scottgiven to earth in dark blood (wp)
Snider, Sarah KirklandThis Is What You’re Like (wp)
Soper, Katemorning branch** (wp)
Supko, JohnSongs of a Landloper (wp)
Tymoczko, DmitriLet the Bodies Hit The Floor (wp)
Weisman, StefanFrom Frankenstein
I Would Prefer Not To (wp, version)
The WhoWon’t Get Fooled Again
Wolf, SimaWhat Remains and The Key (wp)
Woolf, RandyBlind Pig (wp)
Young, SamsonEfflorescentric Aftermath (wp)

* commissioned by the MATA Festival, and premiered with members of Either/Or
** commissioned by the Composers Collaborative Non Sequitur project.
^ presented as part of the Eve Beglarian RiverProject, with special guests
# Commissioned by Peak Performances at Montclair
^^ Commissioned by the Fromm Music Foundation